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Authorities in Bardhere order Alshabaab wives out

Storyline:National News

Authorities in Bardhere town in Southern Somalia have ordered the wives from of the ousted Al Shabaab fighters from the town barely a year after Al-Shabaab fighters lost control of the town.

The administration has told the media that operations to flush out fighters wives will be launch in the forthcoming days.

“We will not let you live here, you should leave out or else, we are starting to collect you, wives of Al-Shabaab and exile, We and Al-Shabaab are enemy, not friends,” said one of  the officials in Bardhere town.

He added, “We know where they live and we will not rest until they are out.”

The Al Shabab’ wives are suspected of spying for their husbands who were forced out of Bardhere town which lies lies 450 km southwest of Mogadishu, by Somali National Army backed by AMISOM troops in 2015.

The group often launches attacks on Somali security forces, officials and army bases in an effort to topple the government and impose its own brand of government on Somalia.