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Jubbaland Parliament elects new speaker and deputies

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland Parliament has today re-elected Abdi Mohamed Abdirahman as the new speaker of the house and his two deputies.

Abdi Mohamed Abdirahman won the speaker´s post for his second time in a parliamentary vote in Kismayo the headquarter of Jubbaland

The new speaker managed to win the election with 55 votes by defeating Hussein Shinow who managed 18 votes.

The members of the parliament have also unanimously elected Adan Khalif as the 1st Deputy Speaker of the parliament with 72 votes.

Adan Khalif the newly elected 1st Deputy Speaker of Jubbaland parliament with 72 votes.

The second deputy speaker of Jubbaland parliament was also unanimously elected Abdi Baley Hussein with 73 votes

The Jubbaland presidential election is expected to be held on 22 August 2019.

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