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Jubbaland Parliament passes 2016 budget

Storyline:National News

Lawmakers in Somalia’s Jubbaland parliament have passed a new budget totaling USD $12,372,273 for 2016 fiscal year after hours of intense debate on Tuesday.

Of the 51 MPs in the parliament, 40 lawmakers voted in favor of the new state budget 9 members rejected, while two others abstained.

The endorsed budget was submitted by the Ministry of Finance weeks ago.

This moves comes after the ministry of finance was grilled about the financial records of Jubbaland state.
The Finance Minister set higher expectations in the revenues of government and international assistance over the upcoming year while speaking in the parliament.

The chairman of the financial committee and audit in the assembly Ali Abdi Mohamud also confirmed the budget ratification.
Government is heavily dependent on the revenues being generated from Kismayo seaport.