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Jubbaland President Accepts UN Mediation about the Federal Spat

Storyline:National News

Nick and MadobeIn a joint press conference Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe and visiting UN Envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay has told the media that Jubbaland has agreed mediation efforts by the UN envoy with the federal government.

Jubbaland has previously said it cut all relationship with the federal government after the parliament voted out the legality of Jubbaland assembly which was formed last month.

Ahmed Madobe has said that they accepted to allow ministerial fact-finding mission to Kismayo so as to gather the necessary information about the basis of the disputed regional assembly.

Among the other things agreed upon was Jubbaland to attend a consultative summit that brings together UN, Federal government and the regional administrations.

This summit would be held in July and is expected to focus on the 2016 vision.

“When I met with the UN Envoy we discusses about the 2016 vision, to clear the misunderstanding between us and the federal government, for Jubbaland I think we are not know to be opposing factor, we agreed to follow the correct procedure before jumping the gun, for 2016 we are still on the course to hold elections as agreed upon, we are trying harder to achieve that” said Ahmed Madobe.

On his side Kay has commended Jubbaland for holding the ground against rebels; he also urged the leaders there to be more proactive for national cohesion.

On 6th this month Interim Jubba Administration has cut off all relations with Somali Federal Government over the passing of controversial no-confidence motion in Newly formed IJA regional Assembly.




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