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Jubbaland president fires first deputy, replaces with Mahamud Sayid Aadan

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland president Ahmed Islam Madobe has fired his first deputy Col Abdullahi Ismael Fartaq and replaced with Mahamud Sayid Aadan.

In a presidential decree Sunday, Madobe retained second deputy president Abdikadir Haaji Mohamed Yusuf.

The development follows reconciliation talks earlier this year between Madobe’s administration and the Marehan clan in the Gedo region which had protested exclusion from the Kismayu based administration.

Sources say Fartaq fell out with Madobe after the February talks which aimed at including more people from the Gedo region in government where he (Fartaq) also hails from. Fartaq, the source said felt threatened by the inclusion of more people from his clan.