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Jubbaland president holds talks with dissidents in Dolow

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam yesterday jetted to border town of Dolow in a last ditch attempt to reconcile with opponents from Gedo region.

Gedo politicians including one army commander who were critical of Jubbaland Interim administration since it was formed last year and at some point went at war have also flown from recently recovered town of Bardhere to Dolow for the talks.

On his arrival at the Dolow airstrip hundreds of jubilant residents welcomed him  and he later spoke in public meeting in the town.

Ahmed Madobe together with his first deputy General Abdullahi Sheikh Ismael , who also hails from Gedo are due to meet with four main opponents, namely ex MP Mohamoud Sayid Adan, politician Abdi Shire, former Ahlu Sunnah chairman Aw Libah and army commander Col. Abbas Ibrahim Gurey.

Talks revolve around issues of power sharing, reconciliation and would likely result dissidents to join the Jubbaland state.

Ahmed Madobe is expected to strike a deal before 15th of August, 2015, when is to stand for presidential elections in Kismayo.

Neighboring governments like Ethiopia is widely believed to be facilitating the talks.

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Dolow Madobe in Dolow