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Jubbaland suspend co-operation with the federal government

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland assembly has today announced to cut the ties with the federal government and suspended any co-operation with the Federal government from today accusing involvements of Jubbaland electoral process.

Jubbaland State President Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe was chairing the Jubbaland cabinet meeting on Thursday.

The cabinet has first extended their condolences to the families of those who were killed last night attack at the Mogadishu mayor’s office.

On their meeting, the cabinets were discussing the security situation of Jubbaland during the election and the council has called the security agencies of Jubbaland state to tighten the security during the election process.

Jubbaland cabinets had also a long debate about the Federal Government’s involvement in the Jubbaland electoral process and accused of ongoing interruption.

The council have finally agreed and announced to suspend the cooperation with the Federal government from today and called the people of Jubbaland to be united and stand strong with their government.

The Federal States of Somalia had many-times used this card to pressure the Federal government on political matters.

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