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Kahda Administration highlights the plight of families in IDP camps

Storyline:National News

Families residing in IDP camps located in Kahda district, Banadir region are facing humanitarian dilemma according to the Kahda Administration.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the Commissioner of Kahda Administration Mohamed Osman said these families used to get ripe meal from Banadir authority but were neglected due to the celebration of the Somali Independence Days on 26th June for Somaliland and 1st July 2017 for Southern Somalia.

The residents in the camps mentioned how they missed ration distributed by Banadir authority for almost five days that led to the death of 3 children aged less than 15 years.

“We have many displaced persons in IDP camps in the area who need social affairs assistance like any other human being on health, shelter and food. They possess nothing at all. In fact they are reeling in diseases and as local administration we are proving them the much we can afford though we cannot cover all their immediate problems. The resumption of food distribution is expected soon” said commissioner Mohamed

The commissioner also touched on the poor infrastructure prevalent in his district that cannot fully cater for the residents including the IDP dwellers.