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Kaliil appoints two DCs since IJA fired him

Storyline:National News

Mohamed Abdi Kaliil who has been relieved of his duties as Gedo governor, still claims to be the de jure administrator of the region.

The fired governor has appointed district commissioner and several other positions for the provincial headquarters of Gedo, Garbaharey town.

“After the resignation latter submitted by the outgoing district commissioner, Iiman Adow, the regional administration reached decision to appoint Abdullahi Sheikh Farah as the new DC of the district. This has been done after we had long consultation with the politicians and elders. Qaran Magan who is federal MP and other traditional elder have been present during the appointment of the new DC” said Kaliil.

The former district commissioner Garbaharey, Iiman Adow has resigned after IJA administration convinced him to step down in an attempt to ease the political tension that erupted after Kismayo administration appointed DC for Garbaharey.

On 8th August this year, Jubbaland president, Ahmed Mohamed Islam fired Mohamed Abdi Kalil as the governor of Gedo region, one day after the politician reconciled with the Jubbaland administration.

But Kalil has denounced the move and labelled it as immature, with no basis as he was appointed by federal government.

15th August IJA administration has forcefully deported several Gedo politicians and elders to Mogadishu.

Gedo former governor Mohamed Abdi Kalil, Abdi Barre Abdi, Gedo deputy governor, Mohamud Siyad Adan, the chairman of the dervish fighters (AhluSunna waljama’a) in Gedo Sheikh Mohamed Yusuf and other well-known elders and politicians were all accused opposing President Ahmed Mohamed Islam administration