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Kenya being accused of chasing Somali refugees illigally

Storyline:National News

One of the elders in Baladwein town has accused Kenya Government trying to return Somali refugees who have residing in its country since the country’s slide into lawlessness in 1991, after the president Mohammed Said Barre was deposed, forcefully.
Elder Jamal Hajji Ali who gave interview to Goobjoog News said that Kenya has totally forgotten that Somalis are their neighbours and the right the neighbour according to him.
“Kenya’s decision to close Daadaab camp which houses half million Somali refugees because of what someone else did to it” he said.
He added “I disappointed by what Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto to delivere an ultimatum to the United Nations Refugee Agency to move nearly half a million Somali refugees out of a huge Kenyan refugee camp in three months or that Kenya leaders will relocate them ourselves after the horrific Garissa University attacks, which took the lives of 148 people”
Finally he called Somali people to help their brotherly Somalis suffering in Kenya.