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Kenya declines to transfer senior Al-shabab commander arrested in Nairobi

Storyline:National News

Hasan hanafi 2The government of Kenya has declined to give comments on federal government’s request asking Kenya handover a senior Al-shabab commander Hassan Hanafi who was arrested in Nairobi last week.

The inspector general of police David Kimaiyo addressing the issue said that the government troops are alert to improve surveillance at the airports, entry points and borders.

“As usual, we are alert and have enhanced our surveillance especially at the borders, entry points and airports,” the inspector said.

The information minister of federal government of Somalia Mustaf Dhulow said they had officially appealed for Kenyan government transfer Hassan Hanafi Haji who was arrested in Kenya while seeking treatment.

The minister said that the senior Al-shabab commander is to face charges over crimes he committed in Somalia.

Hassan Hanafi is suspected of behind killings of Somali journalist in Mogadishu and other regions of the country.