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Kenya has to reconsider its decision to close remittances and Dadaab refugee camps, says MP Dalha

Storyline:National News






Mohamed Omar Dalha the deputy chairman of parliamentary foreign affairs committee speaking to Goobjoog News has voiced about the decision of Kenyan government to shut down within the next three months Dadaab refugee camps and the closing down of Somali remittances by Kenyan authorities.
Dalha said that Kenyan politicians are speaking about the issues in unsuitable way which is against the diplomatic ways.
“There is no self sufficient country in this world, countries are interdependent so Kenya has to reconsider the decision to close Dadaab camp and remittances” he said.
He added that Kenya gets huge money from taxation of many Somali traders who are living in Nairobi therefore Somali people themselves play very important role in the development of Kenya.
“Kenyan farmers generate large amounts of money per year for the export of khat to Somalia which large communities heavily depend on it, so Kenyans has to know that they need very precious thing from Somalia,