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Kenya Planes Conduct Airstrike in Gedo

Storyline:National News

Kenyan War PlanesReports from Gedo region state that Kenyan warplane conducted airstrike on several areas near Bardhere on Tuesday.
Among the areas Bombarded is Jungal locality which lies 33km west of Badhere town.
The casualties of the bombardment by the planes are not yet known and there has been no comment yet from Al-Shabaab regarding the reported airstrike.
Al-Shabab faced several major blows including killing of many of their leaders and losing most of its stronghold southern and central Somalia to Somali National Army backed by AMISOM troops.
Somali National army and African Peacekeeping troops continue their advance towards Bardere, one of the last two remaining main cities under Alshabab rule.
The allied forces getting hand from locals and Jubbaland Interim Administration are reported to have been advancing from three directions to the city as Alshabab fighters started to flee nearby villages.
Bardhere is an important agricultural and business city with estimated population of 200,000 and Al-shabab has generated a lot of money from livestock in form of zakawat (taxes) to run the group.