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Kenya Report: Al Shabaab targets historical grievances to advance agenda in Kenya

Storyline:National News

A new report has called on the government to step up its efforts to prevent the Al-Shabab militant group from taking advantage of local historical grievances to advance their agenda in Kenya.

The report  released Friday by the  think-tank, the International Crisis Group, asserted that Al Shabaab is actively seeking to exploit various grievances in the country as well as political, ethnic and religious divisions to expand its tentacles in the country.

The publication, titled “Kenya: Al-Shabaab aCloser to Home” indicates that among the grievances that the rebel group is seeking to exploit is the perceived marginalization among Muslim communities in Nairobi, the coast and the north east, and institutional discrimination at a national level.

It pointed that continued “discrimination” against many Kenyan Muslims in the issuance of identity cards and passports, continues to provoke a sense of alienation and resentment that Al Shabab is keen to tap on to lure gullible youths into joining their ranks.

The report indicated that recent counter-terrorism operations that imposed collective punishment and blame on people of certain communities and faiths are also creating a deep sense of injustice among victims which Al Shabab may ruthlessly exploit.

It cited the April 2014 Usalama Watch operation which ” further alienated communities whose cooperation and support is vital in the fight against terrorism.”

Source: Standard