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Kenya sends strong warning to Al-Shabaab

Storyline:Security, World

Kenyan Interior Minister Fred Matiang’ I have issued a dire warning today to the Al-Shabaab terrorist group and will treat them harshly if they are captured by the security forces.

He added that while respecting human rights and respecting the law, it would be no way to distinguish between the enemies and those who defend them, saying it is a huge responsibility to protect his country.

The minister addressed a security conference in Mombasa, instructing police officers and Coast Provincial Governors to identify the people living in their respective counties and their identities.

Minister Fred Matiang’ also instructed police officers to give priority to identify people in private hotels where they come from and whom they are living with.

Al-Shabab increased their attacks in Kenya specifically northeastern province for the last couple of weeks while Survivors attacked are still trying to recover from long-term effects of the horrific incident in the country.

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