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Kenya treating us the way ‘Tigray’ did-Somalia

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU:   Somalia has upped its case on the expulsion of Kenyan ambassador citing a raft of accusations against its neighbour even as the opposition dismissed the move as a strategy by President Mohamed Farmaajo to seek local sympathies for re-election.

Addressing journalists in Mogadishu Wednesday, Information Minister Osman Dubbe tore into Nairobi terming it the ‘hub of opposition’ and people working against the interests of Somalia. Kenya, Dubbe said, is now treating Somalia ‘they way Tigray used to treat Somalia.’ Before PM Aby Ahmed’s ascension to power, Ethiopia was ruled by the EPRDF party which the Tigray faction had a major influence and was considered an enemy of Somalia.

Dubbe cited various instances which he said justified the move to expel ambassador Lucas Tumbo but did not give reasons in some instances.

“Since independence, Somalia has never hosted any Kenyan opposition. But now, Nairobi is becoming the hub of the opposition which seeks to overturn local agreements,” Dubbe said.


The remarks follow what Somalia said in its expulsion of the Kenyan ambassador Sunday that Nairobi had pressured Ahmed Madobe to change his stance on the election agreements arrived at by the Federal Government and Federal Member States in September.

Madobe has however indicated his argument is based on the failure by President Mohamed Farmaajo to withdraw troops from Gedo region as promised during the September talks. We had an agreement in September but the Federal Government has not fulfilled its promise,” Madobe told a civil society gathering in Kismayo Tuesday.

Dubbe also raised with he termed as unilateral decisions by Kenya Defence Forces under AMISOM on troops re-alignments noting the Kenyan command did not cooperate with the Federal Government nor AMISOM. “KDF has vacated several places without consulting us or even AMISOM. Examples include in areas such as Busaar and Fahfahdhun,” said Dubbe.

Troops contributing countries within AMISOM largely operate in an almost autonomous manner; a matter that has been referred to as one of the operational challenges facing the AU force.

Dubbe also lamented what he said was Kenya’s failure to give Somalis working there a fair treatment adding to the contrary, ‘thousands of Kenyanswork freely in Somalia.’