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Kenyan Anti-Polio Campaign Covers Somalia’s Children

Storyline:National News

The Kenyan authorities launched a vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis in the Lamu region bordering Somalia, which will benefit 21,000 children, many of the settlers from the latter country.

We extend the vaccination to that border nation to prevent the virus from spreading from there to Kenya, because that territory lacks health facilities, explained Kenyan health official Dr Victor Tole.

The bordering county of Lamu, one of the 11 included in this crusade, is vulnerable to infection but does not record a single case of the virus, so by immunizing infants living in Somali territory we avoid the spread of the disease if detects the virus there, the expert added.

The Kenyan authorities moved specialized personnel from this anti-polio campaign to remote areas and specific cities in Somalia.

The government also called on relatives to prevent children at risk from getting vaccinated for religious reasons, and warned that it is determined ‘to verify that the virus is completely outside of Kenya.’