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Kenyan army take over surrendered Al-shabab official

Storyline:National News

Reports from Gedo region in Somalia state that Kenyan military have taken over senior Al-shabab official Zakariye Ismail Hersi who surrendered to government forces in Elwak district on Saturday.

Zakariye was to be moved to Mogadishu for further interrogation by national intelligence but it has not happened as expected.

Senior security official of federal government in Gedo region Khalif Noor Hiireey confirm to Goobjoog FM that Kenyan forces cornered the area where the officer was detained and took him by force.

Kenya has recently requested the senior Al-shabab official to be handed over to their hand but government officials rejected as Elwak district commissioner Ibrahim Aden confirmed to the media.

“Kenya army officers came to El Wak, They asked the Somali army to have the Al-Shabab official for interrogation but this could not be possible” He said.