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Kenyan jet hits areas in Gedo, kill two: locals

Storyline:National News

Kenyan fighter jets have attacked areas in the outskirt of Bardhere town and killed at least two people residents said on Friday.

The jets reportedly hit market where the bombardment caused casualties on civilians, according to eyewitnesses.

“I saw a jet fighter fly over the town heading towards east,” Abdi Mohamed , a resident of Bardhere, told Goobjoog News.

“They flew over our town several times before dropping missiles on a villages not far from our town,” he said.

“I saw jet fighter over our village for some 15 minutes. Later, we could hear bombardments  near small market in the village,” Moalim Saleh, a said.

The hills of Somalia’s Gedo region are believed to be an Al-Shabaab stronghold, where recent attacks on Kenyan soil have been planned.

In southern Somalia’s Shabaab-held town of Jilib, residents likewise confirmed seeing jet fighters in the skies.

Al-Shabaab fighters  in Jilib fired several anti-aircraft missiles, according to residents and websites affiliated with the group.

There have been reports that Kenyan jets also struck Al-Shabaab military bases where some local authorities say some fighters are feared to have been killed in the airstrike.

There has been no official confirmation by the Kenyan or Somali authorities regarding the reported aerial bombardments.

The airstrikes likely come in response to recent militant attacks in El-Adde town.