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Kenyan opposition supporters demonstrate in Nairobi


GOOBJOOG NEWS | NAIROBI:  Kenyan opposition supporters held demonstrations in the country’s capital, Nairobi, engaging anti-riot police in running battles.


The country’s streets remained empty as most people stayed out of the capital’s Central Business District (CBD).


Police have declared the demonstrations illegal even as the opposition leader Raila Odinga vowed to lead protestors to the heavily protected State House in Nairobi.


“We shall converge at the Nairobi city centre and begin the journey to State House to reclaim our victory. The time to liberate our nation is now,” Mr Odinga said while speaking at a local TV station.


A showdown is expected between Mr. Odinga’s supporters and police in various other Kenyan cities including Kisumu, a key stronghold of the opposition leader.


Other African countries whose opposition leaders have promised to lead demonstrators are South Africa, Tunisia and Nigeria.


The opposition leaders say the demos are meant to express their dissatisfaction with the governments in dealing with economic and political problems.