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Khatumo forces Storm Las-anod Prison, Free prisoners

Storyline:National News

Forces of Khatumo state have stormed a prison in Las-Anod town under the breakaway Somaliland state, freeing about 20 political prisoners hailing Khatumo state Monday, according to officials.

The vice president of Khatumo state, Abdalla Mohamed Ali speaking to Goobjoog News has confirmed the overnight escape, boasting that the prison break had been “very well-planned” and that it was months in the making.

“Our soldiers carried out operation save some our people held in Las-Anod prison and they have successfully broken the prison as they our people from the hands of the administration of Somaliland” he said.

He pointed out that the target of the forces was to lock out Khatumo citizens from the ill treating of Somaliland’s prison guards.

The jailbreak is a major blow to attempts by Somaliland forces, an insecure town just several hours drive from the administrative capital of Somaliland, Hargeissa. It also raises questions about whether Somaliland police are able to effectively secure prisons and whether some of the officers were bribe to give hand the forces Khatumo state to free the prisoners from the jail.

The administration of Somaliland has yet to comment on the incident.

There had been several clashes between Somaliland and Khatumo which claimed many lives and displaced hundreds of residents