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Khatumo president: 4.5 clan power sharing system challenge to Somalia’s stability

Storyline:National News

The president of Khatumo regional State in Northern Somalia Ali Khalif Galeyr mentioned that 4.5 clan power sharing system led to the spread of many challenges including insecurity, corruption, nepotism and embezzlements in the country.

President Galeyr underlined that the system might lead the country to go back to the nineteenth century civil war and mayhem if immediate action is not taken.

“ The process undermines all the positive efforts meant to revive the country from the over two decades of civil strife” Mr. Galeyr said.

The president called upon Somali people to think about the future of the country and start patriotism acts which can lead to the country’s prosperity, development and stability.

He added that all the governments formed after the reign of late Mohamed Siyad Barre failed due of this complicated system and requested the federal government of Somalia, politicians and intellectuals to eradicate the ideology.

After the independence, Somalia had a parliamentary system based on political parties. But a coup d’état in 1969 installed the Siad Barre military regime, disrupting the democratic process and eventually plunging the country into civil war. Since then, many people belief that  a number of power-sharing agreements aimed at resolving the crisis have crumbled.