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Khatumo state blames Somaliland of attacking Sahdheer locality

Storyline:National News

The administration of Khatumo state in Northern Somalia has blamed the breakaway state of Somaliland of killing innocent people and destroying properties on an attack it carried out in Sahdheer locality.

The speaker of Khatumo state parliament Mohamud Sheikh Omar Hassan speaking to Goobjoog FM said Khatumo soldiers have resisted the provocations and the attacks of Somaliland forces by making bases outside the town but the forces of Somaliland administration have fired rockets on the town which created civilian  casualties.

“ Somaliland administration will bear the responsibility of the casualties on the attack of Sahdheer locality” the speaker said.

He added that Khatumo forces have killed senior security officer of Somaliland state who was secretly sneaking to the town.

Finally the speaker underlined that Khatumo state is dedicated to put to a stop the aggravation of Somaliland administration in Khatumo territories.

The breakaway state of Somaliland has declined to give comment about the attack.

Recently Somaliland forces have attacked and seized Sahdheer locality a time the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president of Khatumo Ali Khalif Galeyr, the former prime minister of transitional federal government of Somalia.