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Khatumo state leader’s inauguration delayed

Storyline:National News


The inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president of Khatumo state in Northern Somalia Ali Khalif Galeyr was resheduled to Thursday  as one of the organizing committee confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

The official has not specified the reason behind the delay of the ceremony.

The delay of the ceremony came the eleventh hour as many participants reached the area according to one of the invited guests who spoke on a condition of anonymity.

Ali Khalif Galeyr, the former PM of transitional federal government and a member of federal parliament was elected the president of Khatumo state after beating the former president Mohamed Yussuf Indha-sheel in Sax-dheer earlier this month.

Speaking shortly after his election Mr. Galeyr announced that he will start to form a new cabinet for his administration.