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Katumo: the ongoing clashes in the outskirt of Sah-Der will not affect the inauguration of Ali Kalif

Storyline:National News

Katumo state official in Sah-Der locality stated that the ongoing clashes between Somaliland and Katumo forces will not affect the inauguration ceremony of the newly elected Katumo president Ali Kalif Galeyr.

Osman Jama, senior Katumo official speaking to Gob Jog FM through the phone  said the preparations of the ceremony are in its final stages and the leader will be sworn  tonight.

He added that Somaliland forces have attacked Sah-Der locality from three directions but Katumo forces resisted the attack and pushed them to a nearby area 5 kilometers North West of Sah-Der, where the confrontation is still going on.

Mr. Osman also stated that their forces captured three battle wagons from Somaliland , and one of their vehicles destroyed.

Somaliland officials have declined to give comments about the ongoing clashes in Sol region.