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Khatumo’s Deputy President relieved of his position

Deputy President Mohamud Agalule of the unrecognized Khatumo State has been relieved of his official position according to the Deputy Internal Minister Abshir Abdiasis.

The local parliament voted against Agalule after they accused him of committing actions that are said to be contrary to the constitution of the state.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Minister Abdiasis narrated the numerous issues that led to the downfall of the Deputy President including being severally absent for long periods and participating in illegal meetings that is allegedly held in Mogadishu that were detrimental to the local state existence.

“The Deputy President was away from the state for a long time and later participated in illegal meetings that were against the statehood of Khatumo state” said Minister Abdiasis.

When asked about conflicting news in relation to the removal of top leaders from Khatumo state, Minister Abdiasis brushed them all aside stressing that this matter of the Deputy President is the genuine one and no other official has faced the axe.

Goobjoog News