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Kismayo: IJA transfers 31 soldiers to Galkayo for treatment

Storyline:National News

The Interim Juba administration in Southern Somalia has transferred soldiers wounded during the fierce between IJA forces and Al-shabab in Kuda Island on Saturday to Galkayo for treatment.

Reliable sources in the port city of Kismayo state that 31 soldiers were transferred to Galkayo for treatment.

The spokesman of Interim Juba administration Abdinasir Serar Mah holding press conference in Kismayo gave details about the recapture of Kuda Island Al-shabab and the casualties of clash between the sides.

Serar stated al-shabab militias attacked IJA bases from all directions but the forces resisted after hours fighting Al-shabab managed to re-take town.

He reiterated that Juba administration forces withdrew from Kuda Island but will go back and recapture the city as reinforcement they sent reached the area.

He distanced Al-shabab claims that they captured eight IJA forces after retaking the Island.

The joint forces, IJA and AMISOM troops captured Kuda Island on 25th October 2014.Al-shabab have re- taken over the Island on Saturday after heavy fighting.