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Kismayu meeting a positive step in bridging the divide


The Kismayu meeting tomorrow bringing together heads of regional administrations is a positive and much desired move coming hot on the heels of a major political crisis in the country.

The Gulf Crisis fall-out whilst not in the best interests of the country presents one crucial lesson- it tests the very fabric of our nascent federal system. Even in the cyber-world, not all hackers have ill intentions-others help to warn organisations of their vulnerabilities. The Gulf Crisis is doing exactly the same for Somalia.

The developments in Galmudug whose consequences could damage the core of the state’s formative stage has exposed the very weak aspects of Somalia’s federal system thus devising ways to fix these challenges is imperative.

We must now heal the rift and the Kismayu meeting is one such important forum. While the Kismayu meeting will not fix the constitutional question- clarity on powers, functions and responsibilities of the two levels of government, it provides a home grown solution to solving domestic disputes.

For the long term, the drivers of the constitutional review process must without fail take notes on these developments.