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Labor Minister “Educated Youth Outnumbers Armed Youth”

Storyline:National News

Injineer Luqmaan Maxamed IsmaaciilThe outgoing Somalia Labor Minister Engineer Lukman Mohamed Ismael has today spoken about the country’s achievements towards stability and nationhood.

He said his hopes were significantly raised after he realized that too many Somali youth are educated than those who are armed, he said youth are today thronging to the educational centers and universities.

“They are here seeking jobs, all of them have completes their tertiary studies” said the minister.

But the minister raised his concerns over youth unemployment and those migrating to other countries. “If you keep migrating, the country will be emptied, I urge you to stay put and believe in your country” Mr. Lukman has said.

Eng. Lukman said there are some strong worrying signs those neighboring countries, which have troops in Somalia, could be up to a certain political agendas.

In the other hand the minister denounced the 4.5 clan power sharing system, he said that Somalia will move to hold elections in 2016, and office bearers will be elected or selected on merit.

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