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Labour ministry: Government cannot hire all the youth in the country

Storyline:National News

The ministry of labour of federal government of Somalia underlined that the federal government is not in a better position to provide job opportunity to all the jobless youth in the country.

The minister for Labour of federal government Luqman Osman Mohamed said due to instability and limited finance the federal government’s efforts to hire all Somali youths graduating from local and international Universities is low.

The minister stated that since he took office before eight months the number of government workers has risen from 2900 to 5000 people adding that the federal government is planning to create more job opportunities in the country when stability returns to normal and all regions comes back to the government’s control.

Mr. Luqman also stated that the government will give vocational training to the youth to promote self employment by repairing and opening vocational centers in the capital, Mogadishu.

Finally the minister said most of the job opportunities in the country is created by private sectors due to their presence in every part of the country.

The federal government of Somalia has recently declared that it will not allow foreign workers to take jobs that Somali nationals can take freely and vowed to take a step of tackling the high unemployment rate among Somali youth.

The youth in Somalia who graduated from the various Universities in the country are jobless, the youth believe that their rightful positions of work were taken over by floods of foreigners from the neibouring countries and other nations in the continent attracted to Somalia by the little stability gained by the federal government. The rate of unemployment in Somalia is soaring reaching high rate.