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Lack of internet resulted economic decline says Travel Agencies

Storyline:National News

The disappearance of the internet service for the last two weeks adversely affected local travel agencies in Somalia and resulted economic turn down in the sector.

Some officials in the travel agency business mentioned the decline of flight customers they used to serve due to lack of quick communication through the internet.

Turkish Flight office in Mogadishu cited the lack of facilitation of its clients due to the lack of internet service.

“We used to serve at least 10-15 clients within an hour during the presence of internet connection but due to lack or weak internet service, we do only for 2 clients in the same period” said a Turkish Airline agent in Mogadishu.

Flight passengers in the country are given printed ticket copies from neighbouring countries.

Disruption of internet service was felt in Somali from the 24th June 2017 till today and citizens are feeling the pinch of not being able to get into online.