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Leading voices from East Africa and Muslim world coming together to counter extremism

Storyline:National News

Anti-Tribalism Movement will convince credible voices from East Africa and Muslim World to discuss extremism in Istanbul.

The participants of the conference included clerics, scholars, young people, women and victims of Al-Shabab.

Credible Voice

The Anti-Tribalism Movement will host the conference to bring together ordinary members of society in safe platform where they will discuss Al-shabab and issue joint communiqué against suicide and extremism.

The ideology Al-Shabab have which they use to justify their actions, while wholly unpopular, are largely uncontested in most of Somalia, particularly in the vast swathes of territory they control or influence.

Credible Voices aims to amplify and echo the voices and opinions of those who openly oppose and denounce the actions of Al-Shabab and are trusted within the community.