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Legendary Somali playwriter and Musician Sangub dies in Ethiopia (1944-2019)

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Mohamud Abdullahi Isse (Sangub) a poet, playwriter and Musician was born in the rural area of ​​the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, in 1944.

During his early age, Sangub was famous for the cultural heritage, especially “Dhaanto” In addition to culture, he was also a great poet, and during his time there was no university education system and the schools were so uncommon in the country, so Sangub has pressed to learn the Koran.

In 1961 Sangub moved to Hargeisa for a better life, as he was immediately invited to join Radio Hargeisa but at the same year in 1961, he then proceeded to Mogadishu for a better opportunity and joined Radio Mogadishu for a job vacancy position after he suited for an interview competition of 21 people.

In 1964, Abwaan Sangub joined the Somali armed forces as a singer, and later the Somalia chief of the armed forces by the time General Daud Abdullahi Hirsi has ordered Sangub to be transferred to Ina-guuxa area between Daroor and Sallaxley to join the forces in the clash between Somalia and Ethiopia and he was injured during the fight.

After the dispute between Somalia and Ethiopia has completed the Somali forces band was given a new name as (Kooxda Xooga Dalka) and Osman Adan Hussein (Osman askari) was appointed as the new chairman and so many popular names were among the members of the band including, Abdi Salad Beerdillahi, Habboon Abdullahi Farah, Zeynab Haji Ali Baxsan Mohamud Abdullahi Sangub and others.

In 1965, Sangub has unveiled his first play which he called as “Naga guur” on which he was expressing to the British colonist for still intervening the freedom of the Somali people, as the play was performed by Baxsan, Dhagjar, Beerdilaachse, Mejaad Miige was among the actors.

Sangub was one of the wisest, most brilliant, most creative and funniest poets, playwriter and a songwriter in the Somali people.

Mohamed Abdullahi  Sangub passed on today in Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia where he has been undergoing treatment.

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