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Lego District Commissioner “I Am Not Injured By Alshabab Ambush”

Storyline:National News

Abukar Isak , the Lego District Commissioner who yesterday came under Al-shabab Ambush near Bali-Dogle Airbase refuted media reports that he got injured by the attack.

“I am not injured, those media reports are baseless, and there are no casualties resulted by the clashes, the fighting was on for 15 minutes, at last the fire stopped after we repelled Alshabab” says Mr. Isak .

On Wednesday Reports from Lower Shabelle region indicated that intense clashes have erupted in the outskirts of Leego between Somali National Army (SNA) and Al-shabaab. Both sides used heavy artillery fires.

Since they were driven out of main towns of Lower Shabelle, Alshabab have resorted to Guerilla Tactics and are roaming in the country side, and most of the time launching ambushes to government and AMISOM convoys in the region.

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