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Local elders of Lower Shabelle complain about Amisom forces

Storyline:National News


Traditional elders in Lower Shabelle are bitterly complaining about violations committed by the AMISOM peacekeeping force in the area.

They pointed out specially the recent incident that took place in Eelasha Biyaha location in the outskirt of Mogadishu where they ran over three people using their heavy military trucks yet it is alleged the regional administration is still silent about it.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Peacemaker Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud who is among the local elders said AMISOM has increased their violations against the local people.

As a result they are appealing to the federal government to look into this issue according to Ahmed.

“”AMISOM has violated against the local people on many occasions. Recently they killed 3 people and no one spoke out about it even the regional authority. They also attacked nearby locations in Barawa town with artilleries. People have been injured. We need these problems caused by AMISOM to be addressed. We appeal to the federal government to come into this” said peacemaker Ahmed.

Last Thursday AMISOM trucks ran over 3 people in Eelasha Biyaha location in Lower Shabelle.


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