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Lower Juba administration burn out expired food and drugs

The administration of Lower Juba region and health ministry of interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia have burnt out expired food and drugs in a field outside Kismayo to avoid health problems that it could cause to the people in the area.

Lower Juba Juba governor Abdirashid Gooni, Kismayo district commissioner Ibrahim Mohamed Tima Jili’i and assistant minister for health of IJA briefing the media at the scene commended the efforts of control quality department that has managed seize tones of expired food and drugs.

They sent warnings to the businessmen who import expired food and other essential goods into the region adding that the administration will lay strict measures to fight expired food and drugs.

Kismayo district commissioner Mohamed Tima Jili’i said the security forces will continue the operations in all markets of Kismayo to curb the effects the effects of the expired food and drugs.