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Lower Shebelle region Administration Confirms Withdrawal of Government Troops From Toro-torow

Storyline:National News

SidiiThe administration Lower Shebelle region has commented on reports indicating that Somali National Army has withdrawn from parts of the region when several insecurity cases are reported from several areas under the region.
Abdikadir Mohamed Noor (Sidii) has confirmed the withdrawal of Somali government troops from Toro-torow locality.
Sidii underlined that the soldiers together their commanders have emptied the garrisons in the area.
“The soldiers vacated the area but we deployed soldiers from area supported AMISOM troops who are have jointly tighten the security of the area” he said.
Speaking about the reason behind the pulling out, he said “ they pulled out because salaries overdue and all these things happening will be admitted by the commanders leading the soldiers at their own risk”
The soldiers left the areas yesterday evening as residents say that there are no presence of government soldiers in the town.
“We fear fighting could erupt at anytime because Al-Shbab moved to the frontlines to capture Toro-torow town under Somali government,” said resident.


The local militias were reportedly started movement and searched operations at areas located beyond torotorow town as they reached there and created tense situation in the areas.


Residents said that the militias are patrolling through the town adding that the people of the town felt great fears of possible fighting between Al-Shabab fighters who seek to use the rarely-seen chance and the local militias.


Somali government did comment on the withdrawal as the residents fear from imminent attacks from Al-Shabab fighters who are speeding up their influence in the region.