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Lull in Bangele after Ahlu-Sunna take-over

Storyline:National News

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Calm has returned in Bangele after two days of fierce fighting between Somali National Army and the moderate Islamist group Ahlu-Sunna which resulted in the fall of the area to Ahlu-Sunna control.

Goobjoog News reporter, Mohamed Abdiweli says Ahlu-Sunna is in control of the town which has now seen uneasy calm return.

Reports add that the group extended their attacks on other areas surrounding Bangele town as the dislodged government soldiers are not far away from Bangele.

The clash between the two sides is the first one since the formation of Galmudug state in which  Ahlu-Sunna vehemently denied to be associated with.

Somali government forces and Ahlu-Sunna fighters have on several occasions engaged in gun battle with noted causalities from both sides.

Ahlu-Sunna took control of Dhusa-Mareeb town, the administrative capital of the newly formed Galmudug state in June this year when the state formation conference was on going in Adado and announced it had nominated its own president for areas under its rule.

On 10th this month, Ahlu-Sunna Waljamaa, declared that its delegates would vacate the conference within 24 hours.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Gurre, who was among the signatories to Somali central State formation conference put blame on Somali minister for Interior Affairs, Abdirahman Odawa.

Somali government however tried to incorporate Ahlu-Sunna in the Adado state formation conference with no avail.

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