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Luq Administration Opposes The Motion Presented Before The Federal Parliament

Storyline:National News

Luq administration has term the motion against the newly formed regional parliament of Jubba State illogical idea which is intended to break apart IJA house illegitimately.
Luq deputy district commissioner, Bishar Adan Abdikariin said the administration stands against the motion and blamed some of  the federal parliamentarians for taking that step without knowing the consequence it will host.
“Residents of Luq and their administration are satisfied with and propping up their newly selected regional MPs and we are not contented with what is going in Somali federal parliament as this can lead political crisis which might create instability in the region” he said
Meanwhile traditional Elder in Dolow town who took meeting in that town have casted away and opposed the motion saying the IJA parliament was formed through discussion and consultation made by people of  IJA regions.
“The formation of the parliament was done inclusively, no one was left outside therefore the few federal MPs who presented the motion against the regional parliament have hidden agendas and personal interest” he chairman of the elders in Dollow.
There had been demonstrations in different parts of the country especially in Baidoa and some areas in Gedo region which were orchestrated by some the civil society mebers in those locations who blamed Interim Jubba Administration for formation parliament which not inclusive.
Some of Somali federal parliament members have presented motion against IJA parliament claiming that it is not de jure thought the parliament did not debate on the issue.