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Luuq DC escapes assassination attempt

Storyline:National News, Security

Luuq District commissioner, Mohamed Hassab Ganay has narrowly escaped an assassination attempt which killed one of his bodyguards and five others after a bomb fitted into his car went off on Wednesday.

The local authorities in Luq said Ganay was slight injured in the blast and was rushed to Luuq Hospital where he is being treated.

“The DC escaped death narrowly and his condition is stable now,” said local officer in Luuq town of Southern region Gedo.

Somali police officer speaking on condition of anonymity has confirmed the attack, saying Ganay was heading to his home at the time of the car bomb blast.

Police have reached the scene of the blast, and kicked off a combine-out search for the suspects, but no arrests were made, according to the eyewitnesses.

No group has claimed credit for the bomb attack, but Al Shabaab has carried out similar car bombs in the past.