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Madobe accuses Federal Government of ‘doublespeak’ in Gulf row

Storyline:National News
FILE: Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe. Photo: Goobjoog News

Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madobe has berated the Federal Government over what he termed as double standards in the Gulf Crisis stance.

Madobe who spoke upon arrival from UAE via Ethiopia Monday said the Government sided with Qatar despite declaring last June it would hold a neutral position in the near yearlong row.

“My idea is that we do not isolate Qatar but are we doing this is a systematic manner?,” Madobe said. “The government has decided to align itself with Qatar.”

We, Somalis have nothing to do with Arab conflicts and even when they go to war they do not use our land, Madobe added.

Madobe who did not publicly state his stance during the bitter dispute between the Federal Government last year appeared to lean towards the UAE days after visiting the Gulf nation. Galmudug, Puntland and Somaliland chose to stick with the Saudi-UAE axis last year spiraling a serious fall-out with the Federal Government which almost cost Galmudug leader Ahmed Haaf his job in a no confidence motion.

The remarks come amid an ongoing dispute between Puntland and the Federal Government regarding the termination of UAE military support to Somalia. Puntland’s Ali Gaas has maintained UAE’s stay in Somalia was necessary for regional stability.

Madobe added it was unfortunate Somalis were fighting each other over a foreign dispute.