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Madobe accuses FGS of ill-will, ‘casual approach’ over collapsed Garowe talks

Storyline:National News

Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe has torn into the Federal Government laying responsibility at its door for the collapse of Garowe talks while putting into question President Mohamed Farmaajo’s ability to lead the country.

Speaking in Kismayu upon arrival from Garowe after a week of failed talks, Madobe directed blame at Farmaajo administration accusing it of intentionally engineering the collapse of the talks.

Madobe wondered who was in charge of the country noting ‘when you talk to the head of the state he says let me go and consult’. “We do not know who is responsible for leading this country. Who else should be consulted yet all the leaders were present?” Madobe charged.

Coming barely 24 hours after Galmudug’s Ahmed Haaf made similar accusations against the government, Madobe’s remarks further exposed the inability of the seven leaders sitting in Garowe for a week to arrive at any meaningful agreement.

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The Jubbaland leader also lambasted the Federal Government for what he termed as a casual approach to serious issues and lack of preparedness to participate in the meeting. “We talked briefly about Petroleum Bill and Elections-two of the most critical issues but they (FGS) said just put it in writing and send it to the Federal Parliament and they will look at it,” said Madobe.

Madobe who is facing an election in August also outlined the nine agenda items which were to be discussed during the meeting but said it was unfortunate none of the issues were ever addressed.

The agenda items included security, elections, Galmudug issue, resources sharing, status of Mogadishu, and constitutional review process among others.