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Madobe Nunow plans to open talks with Interim Juba and South West Somalia administrations

Storyline:National News

The leader of South west Somalia-six regions Madoobe Nunuow Mohamed stated that his administration will open talks with Interim Juba administration and the technical committee facilitating the formation of South West Somalia-three regions.

Mr. Nunow noted that he took special meeting with members of federal parliament in Baidoa and agreed to open talks with the other parties

On the other hand responding to a question about the election of the three regional administration in Baidoa on Monday and the recent suspension Baidoa conference by the top leaders, Mr. Nunow said both activities will not have any effect on his administration adding that he is ready to open dialogue with every group.

Also the leader underlined the public welcomed his administration’s move to open discussion with federal government, Interim Juba administration and other administration in Baidoa so as to resolve the political tensions that has delayed the Social services and the development in the region.

Finally he called the top leaders of Somalia to solve their differences systematically so to complete the tasks ahead including implementing the federalism process.

The technical committee are preparing to hold elections tomorrow in Baidoa, this comes after the top leaders of Somalia jointly suspended the conference.