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Mahad Salad: Aid agencies from Arab countries will soon reach the country

Storyline:National News

The federal government of Somalia announced that humanitarian aid agencies from Arab countries will soon reach the country to support the Somali people hit by the severe drought and conflicts.

Foreign affairs assistant minister of federal government of Somalia Mahad Salad told the media after the conclusion of Arab Leaque foreign ministers meeting in Cairo that the Arab countries are committed to assist and deliver emergency support the desperate families in all regions of Somalia affected by the severe droughts.

Mr. Mahad added that there are other countries that are ready to lend a hand to the people faced with humanitarian crisis in the region.

The assistant minister also said that the federal government has encouraged the humanitarian aid agencies to come to the country and see the situation and the realties on the ground Somali people currently face.

The assistant Minister has attended Arab League foreign ministers meeting concluded in Cairo, the ministers agreed to impose all necessary measures to combat the Islamic State fighters and to cooperate with international and regional efforts to fight terrorist groups.