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Mahas Administration: “The Government Forces Killed Al-Shabab Ring Leader”

Storyline:National News

The administration of Mahas district has detailed security sweep conducted by the government forces backed by AMISOM troops in areas surrounding Mahas town.
The local administration noted that they killed a ring leader of Al-Shabab fighters during these operations.
Mohamed Muumin Sanay, Mahas district commissioner, speaking to Goobjoog News has said the government forces attacked Al-Shabab “alms (Zakat) collector” official (according to the term the group used for the position) and killed him after gunfire.
“The operations were successful and the forces are still tracking others who are involving violence crimes on behalf of the group” the DC said.
Finally, Mr. Muumin called upon the people of Mahas district to collaborate with the security forces and take part peace restoration in the district.
Al-Shabab did not comment on the claims made by Mahas administration.
The government troops have been conducting operations to wipe out al-Shabab fighters in many parts of Hiraan region