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Major developments towards the formation of the Somali Central State

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The expected Somali Central State will be the newest functional state in Somalia in line with the federalisation process as contemplated in the New Deal and Vision 2016. Goobjoog News is documenting key developments and events which have marked this process.
30th July 2014 Galmudug, Himan and Heeb, and Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a jointly sign agreement to endorse new Central Regions State.
26th August 2014: The Minister of Interior and Federal Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia Abdullahi Godax Barre appoints a technical committee to form the new Central Administration of Somalia.
The technical committee is 27 member strong among them four women
1-Osmaan Ise Nur
2- Haliima Ismaciil Ibrahim
3- Dahir Hassan Guutaale
4- Abdi Farax Jaamac
5- Dr. Khaliif Hirsi Ali
6- Iimaan Hasan Jiiroow
7- Dahir Wehliye Siyaad
8- Maryan Abdi Geeddi
9- Abdullaahi Abdi Abdulle
10- Mahamed Ahmed Mahamuud
11- Abdullaahi Maalin Gaafow
12- Ahmed Dubad Ali
13- Omar Mahamuud Mahad Alle
14- Abdiraxmaan Mahamuud Macalin.
15- Omar Ali Rooble
16- Mahamuud Adan Osman
17- Abdullaahi Muuse Mahamed
18- Mahamed Hashi Abdi (Garabey)
19- Abdi Dahir Mahamed Hared
20- Durraan Ali Farey
21- Farhiyo Afweyne Sheekh –doon
22- Hareed Ali Hareed
23- Abdinuur Macalin Mahamuud
24- Owke Haji Abdiraxmaan
25- Khadiijo Adaan Osmaan
26- Juneyd Ismaciil Igalle
27- Abdullahi Huseen Ali
27th November 2014: Vice president of Galmudug State Abdisamed Noor Gulled declares publicly that he would stand for the presidency in the upcoming Somali central state.
16th December, 2014: Federal government concludes training for the technical committee to form the new Central Administration of Somalia facilitating the formation of Central Somali state
28th December 2014: Ahmed Moalim Fiqi arrives Adado town to start his election campaign
12th January, 2015: Galgaduud governor strongly opposes the technical committee proposal to form the new Central Administration of Somalia saying that the state formation conference will be hosted in Adado town.
14th January, 2015: Clerics and politicians hailing from central regions converge for a reconciliation conference for eight clans living in Mudug and Galgaduud regions.
After peace agreement, the attendees settled for Dhusa-Mareeb as the administrative capital of the upcoming Somali Central state.
7th February 2015: The technical committee led by vice chairman Mohamed Abdi Hanshi arrives in Dhusa-Mareeb town to attend and oversee the reconciliation conference held in the town.
10th February, 2015: A high powered delegation led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reaches Dhusa-Mareb town to hold talks with traditional elders and politicians in the town.
President Hassan declares that the state formation conference will kick off on 1st March 2015 in Adado town.
16th February, 2015: Galmudug State president, Himan vice president Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdid and Heb State vice president Abdi Mohamed Noor visit Dhusa-Mareb town which was hosting reconciliation conference.
5th March, 2015: Disagreement emerges among members of the Somali Central state formation technical committee.
Two of the technical committee officials who seperatly spoke to the media said that the reconciliation conference was facing setbacks which forced the technical committee to extend the opening date of the conference.
7th March 2015: Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid leads a delegation to Dhusa-Mareb town as the reconciliation conference for Galgaduud and Mudug clans was underway.
Interior minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Abdirahman Aynte State minister in the premier’s office, Bur’i Mohamed Hamza and State minister of National Security Daud Abdirahman Omar were among the delegates with the premier during the visit.

23rd March, 2015: Himan and Heb President Abdullahi Ali Mohamed Barleeh announces that the administration of Himan and Heb had finalized its preparations to open the conference in Adado adding that they had tightened the security of the town.

23rd March 2015: Dhusa-Mareb reconciliation conference held for Mudug and Galgaduud clans concludes with significant progress.
The delegates of the conference mutually agreed and signed agreements touching on the following areas:
1. The sides should respect and protect the treaty.
2. The willingness of the clans who attended the conference should be considered.
3. The decision on where to hold Somali Central state formation conference should come from the clans of those regions.
4. The previous agreements should be respected

24th March 2015: President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud leads a delegation to Dhusa-Mareb town where he is warmly welcomed by local leadership.
He holds a meeting with the clan elders and politicians and urged them to maintain peace in the town.
28th March 2015: Elder Ahmed Diiriye Ali who hails from Somali central region says that the decision o where to hold the state formation conference should come from the president of Somalia.
31st March 2015:
The spokesman for technical committee to form the new Central Administration of Somalia says that the conference will not be postponed and it will kick off on scheduled date.
8th April 2015: President reaches Dhusa-Mareb town for third time and announces Dhusa-Mareeb town as the administrative Capital of soon-to-be-formed Somali Central State

8th April 2015: Elders and Politicians in Adado Town cast away decision of President Hassan to make Dhusa-Mareeb the administrative capital of the upcoming Somali central state.

9th April 2015: Ethiopian troops under African union peace-keeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) reach Adado town to safeguard the Central State Formation conference.
The troops set up temporary bases in Adado Airstrip where the conference will be held delegates accommodated throughout the conference period.
11th April 2015: A delegation led by Interior minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein reaches Adado town. The Minister holds talks with traditional elders and people of Adado town to pave the way for upcoming central state formation conference which is expected to kick off in two days time.
11th April 2015: Interior minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein while in Adado town announces that the opening of Central State formation conference had been postponed.

14th April 2015: Delegation led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reaches Adado town.
The president, minister of interior, Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein, politicians and elders visit Himan and Heb presidential palace.

15th April 2015: A delegation led by UN Special Representative for Somalia Nicholas Kay reaches Adado town. Included are Planning and International Coorperation minister Abdirahman Aynte and UN delegates.
16th April 2015: The Adado conference officially kicks off.