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Man Arrested in Afgooye for Allegedly Attempting to Set Family Ablaze


GOOBJOOG NEWS|AFGOOYE: Police in the Lower Shabelle region have arrested a man who reportedly attempted to set his family on fire as cases of female killings continue to shock the nation.

Eyewitnesses said the man was arrested after he was found with a can of petrol and a matchbox while reportedly intending to burn his wife and children. The circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear.

One of the locals identified as Mohamed Barre who spoke to the media said the man was standing in front of his house before residents raised the alarm.

“There is another incident this morning. A man tried to burn his wife and children in Afgooye district. He stood in front of their house and wanted to cause trouble,” said Barre.

The incident comes amid shocking reports of three incidences in Qooryooley in Lower Shabelle and the capital Mogadishu where three women were separately killed by their spouses. In Dharkenley district, a man set on fire his wife allegedly over a love affair.

MPs called for an end to the killings and urged police to swiftly arrest the culprits.