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Man fined €4,000 for assaulting officer

Storyline:National News

A Somali man was given a six-month jail term suspended for 18 months and fined €4,000 for threatening, assaulting and slightly injuring a police sergeant while drunk in December.

Hussen Abdi Rahman Hassan, 25, who lives at the Marsa Open Centre was found guilty of assaulting and injuring the sergeant in Marsa on December 13 at about 5.30pm.

He was also found guilty of insulting the officer and breaching the peace. The court heard how, on that day, police were informed that Mr Hassan was drunk and being a nuisance in Patri Felicjan Bilocca Streer Marsa.

When sergeant Christopher Debono arrived on the scene he told Mr Hassan to stop shouting and to put down the carton of wine and the glass he was drinking from.

The accused continued shouting and told the police officer to kill him. He disobeyed the officer, insulted him and slightly injured his shoulder as he resisted arrest.

Source: timesofmalta