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Man poisoned over spousal disputes in Baladweyn

Storyline:National News

A man died after he was allegedly poisoned by his wife last night in Baladweyn town, police said.

The woman who killed her husband by poisoning his food with rat poison was arrested by the police.

According to the police, the suspect a resident of one Baladweyn’s suburbs whose identity was not given, put rat poison in her husband’s dinner after days of domestic conflict.

Baladweyn police commandant Abdikadir Mohamed Ahmed said that suspected was arrested and she will be arraigned in court soon.

“The rat poison was bought sometimes back by the couple with the objective of decimating rats in their house but the wife used it to harm the man of the house,” said Abdikadir.

The woman and the deceased have been quarreling for hours at their matrimonial home the previous evening, according neighbours.

One of the neighbours found the man writhing in pain on the floor of his room and alerted neighbours who rushed him to a nearby private hospital.

“I went to the couple’s house to get some salt from his wife but I  found the man foaming in the mouth. I screamed attracting the attention of the other neighbours who came and helped me rush him to hospital,” said the woman.

On 18th September Abdi Adan 27 has allegedly been stabbed to death by his own wife after a week of spousal disputes between them in same town Baladweyn.

He suffered several stab wounds to the chest in a “domestic” incident at his home in Hawo-Taako neighbourhood, according to the administration.

Abdikadir urged married couples to use diplomatic ways in solving domestic issues instead of resorting to violence. He said spouses engaging in criminal activities will be dealt with according to the law.