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Mandera- Bulo Hawo Border Post To Be Reopened

Storyline:National News

ManderaKenya-Somali border will be reopened after months of closure due to the Mandera massacre of bus passengers and quarry workers last year. This is according to Somali authorities in the Gedo region.

Officials from both towns on either side of the border, Mandera and Bula, has been holding talks to coordinate security in the region so as to stop raiding militias who crosses to Kenya to commit large scale murders on Kenyan citizens.

According to deputy mayor of Somalia’s Bulo Hawo town, the meetings were fruitful and will result the reopening of the border post soon so as to facilitate the movements of goods and people between the two towns which is vital to the livelihood of residents of both sides.

“We talked to the Kenyan government, and we are expecting the border to be reopened so that the residents will cross as usual, there was a delay because of the car crush injuries sustained by the security assistance minister of Jubbaland, the opening was arranged on the 5th of January, 2015” says the deputy mayor.

He further said that they will cooperate will Kenya to beef up the security of the border and to fight Al-shabab.

The border post has been closed since the massacre of close to hundred Kenyan citizens on a bus and at a quarry near Mandera town; Somalia’s outlawed group Al-shabab has since claimed the responsibility.

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